Eliminate Base Attack Bonus (BAB)
Why? Because BAB is non-standard and requires lookup tables in the book. Instead of BAB, we can just use the existing skill system, and adapt it to make sense within the same general range of values. We would add a skill called Fighting(something) (or maybe tactics(something) instead, since it generally relates to different tactical combat styles) that would be used instead of a fixed BAB. This would allow fighters to specialize in a particular style, to add more flavor to the character. So a fighter who maxes out two-handed, slashing, and bludgeoning would always treat rapiers (no matter how good) as if they were some sort of rediculous toy or something, but would get gung ho about finding a giant mace. So anyway, to calculate "BAB" as it is now, you would do like this:
  1. Start with your character level
  2. Add the *average* of the skills required. For example, a longsword would have skill requirement of Fighting(slashing) and Fighting(martial). Take the average of those two skills, and add that.
  3. Take half of the result. This is your BAB for longswords.
A fighter (and paladin?) would have the following new class skills: A monk would have: A rogue would have: A wizard/sorcerer would have: A cleric would have: A ranger would have: This would allow most classes to have about the same BAB as they have currently, so very little in the way of game mechanics would have to be changed. Everyone would need to get more skill points (except perhaps Rogues, who already get quite a lot) to fill in to these. Even wizards would get more skill points, because there would be additional skills created for casting. Perhaps all characters now get 8 skill points per level? Also, there is no need for weapon specialization, because you can take skill focus (fighting(martial)) or whatever. There is no need for "exotic" weapons, as they can just have an unusual skill requirement, or several, so that a double ended sword might require martial, double, and slashing. Since no characters have all three of those on their class skill list, the weapon is fairly "exotic". Characters can still use it by doing cross class training (see below).
Multiple Attacks
These break down into a few categories: This also applies only to Full Attack actions, not single attacks.
There's no real need to add this, but I thought it might go and add a little more flavor.