Many people are dissatisfied with standard identify. I propose instead to use Spellcraft checks with Detect Magic and Arcane Sight as magic replacements to Identify and Analyze Dweomer.

I would have Detect Magic add +1 divination bonus per caster level, and Arcane Sight add +2/CL. Those bonuses would apply to all spellcraft checks where sight would be helpful (e.g. to identify a spell before counterspelling it).

There are some options to setting the DC to identify. One is to use the method outlined in Save My Game: Identifying Magic Items or the rules from Avonia D20. That isn't bad, but doesn't fit quite as easily with the abilities of the players.

Instead I'd rather have something like "DC = Item Level x 4 + 10". It is simple to calculate, and it is within the normal abilities of a specialist of the item's level. Characters which had a very powerful item wouldn't be able to easily figure out what it does. For some items, such as simple +3 weapons or +2 armor, the characters could still use the item without difficulty before it is identified, but for other items it might be necessary to learn the command words. At the DM's option, certain items might have some resistance to identification (e.g. cursed items) which would indicate partial or incorrect identification on a failed check.

I'd also either alter Spellsight Spectacles or I'd create new items. Perhaps a Crystal Mask of Spell Crafting (as per the items in MIC), which comes in a standard, improved, and greater version, offering +5, +10, and +15 bonuses respectively, and costing 2500 gp, 10000 gp, and 22500 gp respectively. They could also be called Artificer's Monocle (as in MIC), but they function the same regardless of what they are called.

For cursed/secret items, the item would have a two level DC. The first level would be the "normal" DC that reveals the properties that the creator wants the item to be falsely IDed with. The second level is that DC + 1/3 creator's spellcraft score (+20 for artifacts), and it reveals the secret features of the item.