Cross class skill training
The existing class/cross-class system is replaced as follows:
Different character classes may have access to a few extra feats, where it seems appropriate. I will try to limit the cases where that is necessary.
Woodland Stride and Track - Druids and Rangers have this ability. I would rather that characters with 10 ranks in Survival are able to choose a particular terrain where they have become immune to tracking. Or maybe add a "directed skill focus" feat which grants them a +10 to a skill when in a specific situation (such as hiding tracks in a particular terrain). Similarly, I'd like to be able to do something with the Track feat, to allow any character with the Survival skill to be able to track, but there would be a feat that would grant a bonus in a particular situation. Maybe the feat would be Directed Skill Focus (Survival - tracking) and Directed Skill Focus (Survival - forest tracelessness) or whatever. Maybe that is adding extra complication for no reason, but I'd just like for other characters to be able to achieve these effects if they take the time to train the skill and take the feat, which isn't normally the case for class features.