SLB's Political Info Page

I'm just going to put in here a few ideas I've tossed around with a variety of people. They aren't necessarily all good ideas, but at least they raise some points that I feel should be considered. Some of these ideas are mutually exclusive.

I've recently begun re-organizing, to allow each section to expand more without cluttering up the page. So I'll have links to the subsections below.

Miscellaneous Notes

Consider unalienable rights. What are they? What ones do we have, if any? What ramifications does this create for government? See Wikipedia entry on Inalienable Rights and Bentham letter regarding unalienable rights.

Think about Community Land Trusts. What effects do they have? What costs/dangers are there? What relevance, if any, do they have to governments? See Wikipedia entry on Bernie Sanders and magazine article about the Burlington, VT land trust.

Consider the recent trend of small european cities in getting rid of traffic lights. What does this suggest regarding general government?

What effect does corruption have not on the effectiveness of government, but on damaging the economy? Does corruption cause countries to stay/become poor? Should a federal government attempt to prevent corruption not only nationally, but also locally?

Who should have the ability to declare/end war? In the US, the answer is supposed to be Congress, but this is not reality, resulting in strange suggestions like cutting all military funding to force the military to return troops to the US.

Short discussion of energy taxes. There are also links to other tax ideas.

There is a “third way” (ie not capitalism or socialism) economic philosophy called Distributism that might be of interest. More research is needed.